EXpEriments Management PLAtfoRm

Organize your research

Use your personal space to create workspaces and projects, you can control access and upload contents such as pdfs, raw data, figures, and scripts.

Formalize, automate, replicate

By formailizing your experiment, you can benefit our powerfull automation toolset: threats to validity detection, missing information alerts, consistency checkings...


"The use of precise, repeatable experiments is the hallmark of a mature scientific or engineering discipline"

"On the relationship between the object-oriented paradigm and software reuse: An empirical investigation" Lewis, J.A., Henry, S.M., Kafura, D.G., Schulman, R.S. Technical report, Blacksburg, VA, USA (1992)

"Replication is at the heart of the experimental paradigm and is considered to be the cornerstone of scientific knowledge"

"Understanding replication of experiments in software engineering: A classification". Omar S. Gomez, Natalia Juristo, Sira Vegas. Information and Software Technology. Volume 56, Issue 8, August 2014"

however... may authors note that

"Verifying results found in the literature is in practice almost impossible"

"The details presented in a typical paper are insufficient to ensure that one would implement the same algorithm"

Eiben, A., Jelasity, M.: A critical note on experimental research methodology in EC. Computational Intelligence, Proceedings of the World on Congress" (2002)

"Most Software Engieering experiments results have not been reproduced"

Natalia Juristo, Omar S. Gómez: Replication of Software Engineering Experiments, chapter of Empirical Software Engineering and Verification. Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 7007, 2012, pp 60-88

"Not only are experiments rarely replicated, they are rarely even replicable in a meaningful way.

Ian P. Gent: The recomputation manifesto. Available online at http://www.recomputation.org/papers/Manifesto1_9479.pdf

Our approach:

An repository of experiments in the Cloud

With exemplar you can store, share and monitor accseso to your experimental information, scripts and data.

Powerfull online edition capabilities

EXEMPLAR integrates a SEDL editor which enables the formalization of your experiments.


EXEMPLAR can replicate your statistical analyses. EXEMPLAR helps you by detecting common validity threats, and pointing out improvements and missing information.



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